Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gacha Rest Ye Merry Gentleavs

Coming up December 1 - 31 is the FabFree Christmas Gacha event. For 10L a play, there will be some Christmassy duffle coats from d.l.s. on offer. And what's a FabFree event without freebies? Under the tree you can find this sweet, twirling snowflake hanging ornament also from d.l.s.

FabFree Headquarters

Monday, November 17, 2014

For a Giggle

Dare To Wear has a large number of free wearable objects with poses (the one with the typewriter has a tap dance animation I could watch for hours). They will enhance your fashion photographs and just all-around make your day.

[Hurling pose is Zeus from the Men's Classical Poses and Props on Lludmila's Marketplace shop. I'm sure there's a knife somewhere in your own inventory.]

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sweet Winter Love

With winter coming, we must prepare to keep our avs toasty and warm. This snowflake bedecked coat from the Winter Love hunt at FieraOCity is just the ticket. Pair it with boots, and young Annthrasite there is ready to take on the coming shopping days!
The free hunt item is a small heart - in this case it's white and tricky to locate, but shouldn't pose a problem.

Boots: Former Baby Monkey sale item Faith 2 color pack.
Black sheer stockings from ::Nvious::
Hair: A&A Leeanne
Skin: Una from Aeva
Eyes: Pearl - Clear Pond from Poetic Colors.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's Not to LIKE?

Forest Dancer from d.l.s.
Quiver and bow not included.

She's mad, bad and dangerous to know! Annthrasite's boots are made for hunting as well as dancing (and walking all over you). Now until November 30 at the LIKE Sales Room, d.l.s. has Forest Dancer and other new outfits (see below) for men as well as women for 100L, plus some oldies but goodies for 30L.

Butterfly gown - comes with pumps (not pictured).

The New Tux and the Double Vest Men's Outfit -
Pipe and glasses not included, but both do include
 a nice pair of shoes!
Ooo, they coordinate!
Nerdy boyfriend not included.
Get your own.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sad, Sad News

Among the lovely Victorian and costume outfits are these
two fabulous mesh offerings. Annthrasite seems to need
money for cab fare. Could someone spot her some Ls?

Astolat Dufaux is closing her Caledon shop of Montagne Noire and there only is having a closing sale of everything for 25L (clothing and furnishings) or less until November 2. She will maintain one satellite store and her Marketplace shop but needs to concentrate her energy on wellness. Proceeds from this sale will help her with her medical bills.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Chance EB Awareness Charity Event

Double Vest Men's Outfit

The New Tux

The EB Awareness Charity Event is almost over, but d.l.s. has some new items on offer for 25L as well as some other items that are 15L. 100% of the proceeds from the d.l.s. mini-store go to the charity.

There are two gorgeous mesh outfits for men (which Annthrasite loves to wear as well) there for 25L. Both outfits come with men's shoes (even though Annthrasite thinks they also go great with heels). Great outfits for men are few and far between and for this price, it's almost a miracle. And, on top of it all, you will be supporting the EB Awareness Charity.

The landmark will teleport you to the main stage of the event area, but if you open the landmark in the world map, you can follow the arrow directly to the d.l.s. shop.

More on Epidermolysis Bullosa at a previous blogpost.

Monday, October 20, 2014

G Field of Dreams

G Field has sent out their Halloween gift - a cute witchie outfit: orange and black dirndl dress and hat. It also comes with an optional "shadow pants" layer that sort of disguises the alpha that cuts out the "naughty bits."

There are other colors available at the shop. They are limited time offer (until Oct 31th) and only 60L each! The Halloween outfit is out free to all comers. [Update: I just realized that the two previous Halloween dresses are also there for free and there is a pair of orange boots for 86L!]

Hair: Jasmine - gift from enVOGUE HAIR
Shoes: from Lindy's for the Brekkers at Tiffany's Hunt