Monday, October 20, 2014

G Field of Dreams

G Field has sent out their Halloween gift - a cute witchie outfit: orange and black dirndl dress and hat. It also comes with an optional "shadow pants" layer that sort of disguises the alpha that cuts out the "naughty bits."

There are other colors available at the shop. They are limited time offer (until Oct 31th) and only 60L each! The Halloween outfit is out free to all comers. [Update: I just realized that the two previous Halloween dresses are also there for free and there is a pair of orange boots for 86L!]

Hair: Jasmine - gift from enVOGUE HAIR
Shoes: from Lindy's for the Brekkers at Tiffany's Hunt

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Heebie Jeebie Scissors

Smoke Gown from Blue Couture for the Scissors Happy Hunt
Animated Spooky Mirror from Living Vintage Southern.

It's the weekend, Kathy was bored, so she went hunting - hoping for something new and Halloweenie, so she chose the Scissors Happy Hunt where prizes are 1 Linden. Here she shows off the feathery goodness of the Smoke Gown from Blue Couture and Kathy indicates for Lludmila (who isn't allowed any more clothes) the Spooky Mirror with the animated image (Charon's Coin hunt). Once at Blue Couture, do not, do not leave without checking out the other hunt gifts because:

Black Queen gift in the crown at Blue Couture.

Hankerchief hem Willow dress with hair bow and leggings,
from the Black and Purple hunt.

And, when you're finally done getting everything from Blue Couture ....

Cute dress from Twinkle and Dazzle Fashion
- love Coco's gift pumpkin wig - but these leggings
don't match the ... Oooo! They're totally tintable!

Lludmila has got to stop eating crackers in the photo block.
Animated Cockroach package (20 kinds!) from the Heebie Jeebies Hunt
at Living Vintage Southern.

Cutest sweater, skinny jeans, and pumpkin accessory evah
from Cupcake Clothing.

I can see we'll never get that outfit off of Kathy.
Boney Lounge from Untamed.

Relax on the Batty Bench from Stitches Creations.

Put on your Halloween Horns
(or are those "antlers"?) from The Madness Within
and stir your brew over the Witch's Cauldron
from Harambee Gwassi Charity Shop.
I gave you the Scissors Happy Hunt link with slurls and hints because we're all adults here and know how to use them. Below the hints/slurls are some gift photos as well. I can't put them all out. It's taken me two days to get this far.
Miscellany: Hair -  Mrs. Mittens (with Stormy the kitten) from Clawtooth, black flats from d.l.s., orange flats from Lindy's Holland Hunt.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Say "Boo!"

Lumae group gift skin: Lady Death.

little bone group gift: feline (comes in all colors)

Timely group gifts from Lumae and little bone, Halloween skin and hair. Well, maybe the hair wasn't meant to be spooky - but it goes great with the outfit for some cute trick or treating at the Zombie Bayou hunt. There is also a Dark Chapel hair group gift at little bone in pastels. Both hairs come with additional streak colors and scalp colors for the part! Not sure if that will work on actual zombies, like Lludmila.

Eyes: Fallen Eyes from Style Box (which may no longer exist - check your inventory to see if you picked it up)
Dress and bat tights: G Field 2012 Halloween gift, no longer available [Update! It is available again and FREE! Hurry on down!], which is a shame because it is just adorable and fits all shapes I've put it on beautifully. Always try a demo, but I have a lot of faith in G Field's wares. Oh, just look at the texture on it! Gorgeous!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Find the Kitty! Kiyomizu Fall Hunt

Cute maid's dress from Aya ... and fun typing anim.

It's that time of year again, time to stagger around the whole Kiyomizu Shopping Island looking for the cats with all the goodies inside. Sometimes you visit the main store (as in the case of Aya above) where you can also buy some cute stuff - like the pink or blue marker and eraser typing animation.

Lludmila relaxes in toh-ryan-se white mesh jumpsuit
on the modern asian low table (no anim) from ::DiY::.

Men's casual capri pants from ::*Ran*::
and Jackson V Love guitar (with animation HUD) from Witch Babe.

Black and white plaid short dress from :SMC:
and screen (that opens and closes) from the Geisha Store.

Fully mod photo frames (li 1) that uses a simple drag-and-drop
function to add pictures from [satus inc].
I was able to resize the whole thing and then tint the individual frames.

Other things: Heels from Nardcotix and sandals from +9, which no longer exist, as far as I can tell. :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Son of the Bride of the Night of the Living Cart Sale

Adorable fall theme flats and capri leggings.

Coming up in the month of October is the I Heart the Cart Sale - AKA Night of the Living Cart Sale and Mini-Hunt. It looks like a doozy, if just what d.l.s. has on offer is any example. The above set of fall themed unrigged mesh ballet flats is a steal at 10L (did I mention it's the Cart Sale?). Also available are wall stencils in a 10L gacha, a free Halloween outfit, Halloween furnishings, and, OMG, a 2L hunt item of a skully trenchcoat for both men and women.

But, we all know it's all about the shoooooes. Okay, maybe that's just me. At any rate, get yourself and your pad outfitted for October starting October 1st.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Duke, Duke, Duke ...

Duke of Earl freebie from The White Armory

Lludmila dropped by The White Armory to pick up her weekly group gift (imagine, just imagine the size of her inventory now) and spied this. She immediately contacted Cal. He needed this freebie, The Duke of Earl. Hahaha!

Not sure, but I think he got the boots from L'Emporio di Bru. They've really come in handy.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Looking Weedy

Toysoldier Dandelion gown from Paris Metro.

We'd go to the Paris Metro Gallery just to see the exhibits, but the chance that there will be another fabulous and free commemorative gown on offer makes it even more enticing. This Dandelion gown is a real delight! And if you want an "After Five" outfit, just remove the mermaid skirt attachments and you have a cute dress!

The Toysoldier Thor art exhibit has both sculpture and 2-dimensional art.

Very naughty of Kathy to wear The White Armory Group Gift
from last Sunday.  Note the free gown sign in the back.

Annthrasite is also wearing a group gift hair from little bones and The Cart Sale special skin from Lumae. See previous post below.