Thursday, November 22, 2018

Not As Easy As It Looks

The Womenstuff Hunt is on and there are 174 stores involved. Hints and slurls are here - but there are no photos of the prizes. Normally, if it's clothing, Annthrasite goes out and finds the prizes, tries them on, takes photos and some notes, and then posts the results on my Flickr page. She did a lousy job this last time. She found the stuff she was looking for, and we pick out the best or what we liked the most of what she found (no one gives us this stuff - we hunt for it and pay for it if necessary) to post photos of as a Public Service to the Second Life community. No, really. Well, also there's that Barbie effect. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was not showered with clothes for my dolls so this is like heaven for me. I enjoy putting outfits together. But Annthrasite was not keeping good notes and we had to keep going back and updating information.

But it's not as easy as it looks. Frustrated with Annthrasite's performance, I sent Lludmila out. Lludmila needs more clothes like a virtual hole in her virtual head. Usually she waits to see what Annthrasite finds and then goes out and gets the outfits she thinks will look good on her. She did the whole Womenstuff Hunt. This doesn't mean she found everything. Oh no. And she uses every trick at her disposal to get them. Although not as evil as the Twisted Hunt people, the Womenstuff shops can be devious. They've been making that little shirt as tiny as possible in some cases. Case in point, Brocade Tiger. Now, the location just happens to be a men's shop in the men's area of the event sim. So both Annthrasite and Lludmila thought they were in the wrong place. The hint was plain as day. Annthrasite never found the little shirt, but Lludmila finally did. And it took ages. She Alt-moused the camera all over. She went wire-frame. She tried Area Search and looked at each item on the list in the 6 meter area. It finally just hit her where it was. And the weirdest thing is, Annthrasite is Lludmila's alt. They share the same typist - me.
Collecting the prizes is the easy part. Next is opening all the boxes (do you "add" or pull it out of your inventory onto the floor?), putting on the outfit (finding Maitreya versions for Lludmila out of what is sometimes a huge list), taking a picture, and making notes. Lludmila had over four pages of notes, going in what she hoped was numerical order, but not all shops indicated their number or even that it was for the Womenstuff Hunt.

Then there was going back and picking out what to wear with which. This was so onerous that we gave up matching nail polish and even changing the pose. And it was still too much. We'd get Lludmila all dolled up, note exactly what she was wearing and what shop it came from ... and then forget to either take the picture or save it before moving on to the next ensemble! There was one outfit she put on three times at least before she remembered to take the picture and save it. And it was an outfit she really liked. Imagine setting up six outfits, taking all the notes, and when you go back to the photos - finding you only saved two of them. And doing this again and again.
So, I hope you people appreciate this. I see that the photos on Flickr (Here) are getting a lot of views and I don't expect a deluge of thank-yous, but it sure is a lot of work, even in this minimalist format. So, if you see Annthrasite or Lludmila out and about, do give them a wave and all of your Linden dollars. Just kidding. Sort of.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

More Black Widow

Top row: Deadly Nightshade (falling spider aura)/lurve, eva's secret/lurve/ambient(strappy sandals), Kai design, lurve (leggings need Maitreya or Omega applier), zoom
Bottom row: Kastle Rock(top)/lurve/ambient, L2L, looloo (needs omega applier for bra/panties), Mad Cat Creations (at least I hope so).

Lludmila takes on the rest of the outfits that Annthrasite missed. She's not sure what the skimpy fur thing is for. Prehistoric black widowhood? 

Flying lessons sign by Sage (with spider fascinator by Spyralle), Black Widow hanging chair by Park Place, dark den furnishings by Flowers & Things, Pumpkin deco (one on left jumps) by DH, Murder credenza by Imaginits, side table by Khargo ... I think. I mean, there's So Much Stuff!

The Flying Lessons sign is definitely going up at Lludmila's house - as soon as October rolls around. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Slippery Slope

Outfits from the Tiny Bit Radikal Lucky Chair

Annthrasite has a Dinkie av now. Why does Annthrasite have a Dinkie av? Because Lludmila was stalking the lucky chair at Tiny Bit Radikal and the letter "A" came up. Now, it's only a five minute wait between letters, but Lludmila is trying to get as many cute little Dinkie outfits as she can. Somehow she managed to acquire four Dinkies. I think it's only four: white, bengal, callico, and brown tabby. They're just so darn cute! Wanting to move the luck along, she called Annthrasite who dutifully showed up and sat in the chair.
Annthrasite has been stalking the PS Nails lucky chairs, which are on a ten minute cycle. Turnabout is fair play, so when the "L" comes up, she calls Lludmila. Anyway, now that Annthrasite has a Dinkie outfit, it seemed silly to not invest in a Dinkie. So now both avatars are stalking both lucky chair locations.
This could take all month ... because when the letters change on the chairs, the prizes change as well. So far neither Annthrasite nor Lludmila have managed to get the Dorothy outfit and there might be more outfits in there as well.
Coincidentally, one of the Black Widow prizes (the one from Little2Large) also had a Dinkie outfit in it! Annthrasite doesn't feel nearly so silly about getting the Dinkie av now. And she needs Dinkie paraphernalia, which means going to Wee Wonders and getting the free stuff, like the bagpipe and the talkie mouth and the swimming anim ...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Black Widow Hunt

Top row: A&A, ambient/luna nails, L2L
Bottom row: Lindy's, necklace and earrings from Arctic Storm (you can't see well in photo of the dress).

 Top row: Arctic Storm, baci/ambient/twistys, beyond persuasion, ema's secret, higs.
Bottom row: JLZ, meander, prism, trashed/baci/ambient, twisty's twistalicious, uni boutique.

After looking at the posters for this for what seems like months, at last The Black Widow Hunt is on! Annthrasite prefers looking for clothing, so here are some of her finds. There are still outfits for Classic Avatars available, but most are geared for the mesh bodies. Annthrasite has Maitraya's Lara.
Little2Large even includes an outfit for Annthrasite's new Dinkie. 
Some of the shorter outfits really need panties. Fortunately, if you have a mesh av, you have panties.
Not pictured are two or three outfits that need the Omega applier. Might get Lludmila to model that later.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Faire Game

TRH: Ara Couture, Coveted, Miss Darcy
Gemstone Hunt prize: Simply Sebastian
Annthrasite definitely wanted to see what Miss Darcy had in the Renaissance Hunt because she almost always has something really nice, but was also pleased to see what Ara Couture and Coveted had in the hunt. Slurls for TRH here and there are some prize pix, so Annthrasite is only modeling what didn't appear on the hunt blog. Hints are at the signs at the shops, in case they want to change them at a moment's notice. Some of the prizes are at the shops at the Faire itself.

As for the Gemstone Hunt at the Ren Faire, be sure to pick up the HUD before collecting gems. The different ones have different values, from 1 to 5 points. And points mean ... Prizes! You can redeem the points at some of the vendors for various items or, apparently, for activities of some sort. Annthrasite specializes in clothing, so that's what you see here. This is a really easy hunt and you can accumulate as few or as many points as you want. I think the highest redemption cost I saw was for 20 points. Stow the HUD for later if you want to go back.

Try that Wheel of Fortune thing!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Skull n Bones Caribbean Adventure Hunt

Lludmila tries out some of the animations.

Again, Annthrasite and Lludmila do the hunt so you don't have to. YUGE amount of photos on the Flickr page here. Hints and slurls for the various paths here.

Pirate Gate from Never Totally Dead
Some of the Tropical Storm items were so large I had to rez them at a sandbox. "Whaddaya mean my items can't be rezzed because my little square of land is too full?!" Some of them might be really worth it, like the Pirate Gate. The palms are optional, as well as the cannon. I don't have anywhere to put this (other than the sandbox), but innit pretty?

If I can get Cal off his bum, he might look for some of the men's wear, like that kilt thing Annthrasite is wearing from Horr. Not much in the clothing line for men this time.

Outfits from the Rum Runners Path.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Vast Array at the Women Only Hunt

Nails, nails, nails!

At least five kinds of nails! This hunt is huge! Hints and slurls here.

Altamura has a full body mesh for women with HUDs and AOs, very nice although not compatible with Omega or other appliers.

Note how well she slid into a dress made for Maitreya.

More photos from this free hunt here on Flickr. Most of the outfits are in the photos. Annthrasite still has her original head, so no make-ups or other adornments for mesh heads shown. There were plenty of poses in the hunt, but honestly the list of shops is so long I could only do so much.