Sunday, March 1, 2015


Brilliant office wear that comes with high feet!

Yeah, right, so I haven't blogged in a while. So sue me. I have minor internet troubles. Here, however, is the perfect outfit for a librarian. It even comes with glasses! And it's only 60L this weekend at Black Haus White Market. Golly, it comes with feet as well? You can't pass this up. You just can't. I expect to see everyone Monday night in this outfit, even the men, both of them. Heh!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Get Off My Lawn, Sassenach!

Annthrasite channels Braveheart in the
Folklorica group gift for Real Men.

Don't mess with the redheads! Especially when they're in drag. Folklorica's new group gift is this fab MacKenzie clan kilt ensemble (as well as a steampunk leather kilt with armor and, Oh! the mixing and matching!).

Stay off Annthrasite's lawn! Important safety tip.

[Best part of this for me is that I'm related to MacKenzies by my aunt's marriage. Go, MacKenzieeeees!]

Pose: Hero pose from Lludmila's Marketplace shop. Free!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting in the Spirit

Stars tunic and leggings plus wellies (sold separately).

It's after Thanksgiving, so we can start with the red and the green. Coming up at the Fashion Wardrobe starting December 1, d.l.s. has mostly some furniture for 50L (except the triple fireplace and the sleigh bed at 100L).

Christmas coathook shelf, club chair, Christmas cozy bench
round ottoman, triple fireplace.

Sleigh bed with cuddles.

Cheery holiday signage freebie, with many textures for the sign
as well as the option of putting in your own texture.

Cal's outfit is the double-vest ensemble from d.l.s. blogged previously here.

December Advent-ure

Apple Advent at United Inshcon.

It's that time of year again! And the really juicy Advent gifts are often the first ones, so head on over to United Inshcon's Christmas Market to find the apple with the 1 on it and get your gift. Annthrasite hasn't had time to open hers yet. It said something about a jealous elf ... she thinks. Her typist had to get back to work, so you'll just have to look up the landmark for yourself and be delightfully surprised. All the apples are out, scattered around the Market, but only open on their day.

Christmas bauble at Sway's. Very small!!!

Then there is the insanely difficult advent hunt at Sway's. I say "insanely difficult" - mostly because the sim was so full, things were rezzing very, very slowly. But it was very pretty. You have to find the ornaments that are scattered all over the sim on ground level (phew!), click on them and get the password for the gift under the tree - on its day.

An easier advent is at Skye Qi's Vintage Apparel. You show up on the day, click on the bag, and you get, if it's anything like previous years, a piece of an outfit. Usually you can buy any pieces you've missed because you spaced that day or your internet was out or you crashed so much you gave up, like Annthrasite did this afternoon. Three crashes and she quits and goes back to work, so you don't see the gifts therein. Just take a chance. They're free, fercryinoutloud.

Update: Just saw in the email that the Lamu Group is doing an Advent gift as well. They're also participating in the Peace On Earth 7 Hunt.

If I have time later, I will add the slurls for:

United Inshcon

Sont-ils vraiment jaloux?


Welcome mat with many singles and couples anims.

Vintage Apparel

First outfit starts with brown gloves. Ooo, mysterious!

Alb Advent Calendar (Lamu group - but not confined to group)

Wreath - be sure to rez in Edit.

Now, I'm not gonna do this every day. You're on your own now. Let Annthrasite or Lludmilla Mirrikh know if there are other Advent gifts somewhere and we'll report on new ones.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Ball Is In Your ...

Renaissance Man Cal buckles his swash
in this White Armory Courtier's Tunic.

The White Armory, while putting out a gorgeous gown every Sunday as a group gift, has put out a fabulous Courtier's Tunic outfit for men as well this week! What's more, it comes with the hat, the boots, and the (non-combat) sword! Group membership is free, but you have to ask for it. Drop them a notecard. You have all week.

Happy Evil Holidays

Free gift for anyone at [Kusshon]: logs with many anims
to add to your own fireplace or campfire. No flames.
No wonder Lludmila's freezing and sneezing.

Candy Cane Hunt prize at Never Totally Dead.
Boyfriend and girlfriend last Christmas. Imagine my surprise!

Serving elf Candy Cane Hunt prize and helper elf
group gift at Sweet Revolutions - both animated.

Group gift of reindeer trophy - just in time for the hols! -
at Never Totally Dead.

There was just a note from Beolas at [Kusshon] that he had a new freebie out, so Lludmila logged on for some fire logs - haha! See what I did there? There is a whole Christmas Shop inside the store with Advent wreaths and more.

While she was online, she might as well pick up a new group gift from  Never Totally Dead. Take the middle teleport board from the landing place, which is a lovely snow scene. There was also a Candy Cane Hunt sign, so Lludmila decided to take a chance on finding the hunt prize this time. She's not sure she found the prize from the last hunt there. The prizes on the Candy Cane hunt are 1L.

Of course, she also has to pick up the weekly group gift at Sweet Revolutions and look at the 30L specials. Sweet Revolutions is also participating in the Candy Cane Hunt, so she picked up two elves for the price of one ... one Linden that is.

Lludmila's surprised pose from her Marketplace Shop. It's free!

Friday, November 28, 2014

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Group Gift from Purple Moon

Just because. Because there's everything in SL and that's what we love.

Why there isn't a stampede to get the latest group gift from Purple Moon is beyond me, unless everyone is still battling each other for larger computer monitors at some Black Friday RL event. Annthrasite will stay cozy warm in this, wait for it, faux fur coat. Yes, it's faux fur. This will keep the People for the Ethical Treatment of Pixels off Annthrasite's case. No pixels were harmed in the making of this coat. And, oh, but it's gorgeous. Annthrasite really values her Purple Moon group membership.

Now, on to the ridiculous. The Free*Style blog is having a Silly Seven anniversary celebration based on the number 7 with a cart sale from many, many shops. So, things are 7L or 77L or 777L (although I didn't see one of the last), but all of them are silly.

Exhibit A - from Duh!
Sunglasses, brain buddy, and lunchbox for 7L.

It says "Brains - It's what's for lunch."
Lludmila needs this, doncha think?

Scout around because there are also some free things, plus clothes, very silly poses - even sillier than Lludmila's in her marketplace shop (see link at right), and silly skins.

Annthrasite is also wearing:

A&A Leeanne hair (her new favorite)
The Secret Store coat-dress and faux fur collar
Baby Monkey Dacha boots
Aeva Lumi skin in tone 2 (because her tan has faded already).

Addendum - Lludmila says she emphatically does not need this lunchbox. It is quite the wrong shade of green and will clash with her skin. And stop with the "Braaaaainz!" thing already.