Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Once In A ...

Lovely Victorian dress with boots and choker is the group gift now at BlueMoon Enterprise. The skirt is mesh and there are several pieces that can be worn or not to give the ensemble a different look. Very feminine!
Group membership is very worthwhile. The gifts are splendid and the clothing for sale is nothing less than beautiful!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh Willow Titwillow Titwillow

Willow dress in white
with Cherry Bomb heels.

For a limited time at d.l.s., the Willow dress is 10L. After April 18 it leaps up to 100L. Get your gamine on at a discount! This corset dress is also available in charcoal and crimson.
The mesh Cherry Bomb heels are 24L until Sunday, the 13th.

Black satin deep v formal gown.

Also available on sale through Sunday for 50L is the black satin deep v formal gown above and the black bohemian cable knit dress below.
Bohemian cable knit dress.

There's more for sale at the d.l.s. shop at the Jersey Shore! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Cheesecake

These cute Bunny Ears in five different colors & a RARE Easter Lingerie Mesh Outfit Complete with Shoes could be yours for only 25L per play! -  available through April at the Gatcha Garden from dirty.little.secret. 
Lots of other cute stuff available there - clothes, furniture, silly glasses ...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pas de Blah

LIKE Design Zein dress -
could use some panties!

Cuoricini parure from WTB and
necklace from KL Couture

Sweet Treats short dresses in Sherbet, Cotton Candy,
and Pistachio from JK Style

There are some freebie/dollarbie gifts at the LIKE Sales Room at OH! LIKE blah.BLAH.blahh Shopping Village. There was also a group gift nearby, but poor Lludmila is maxed out on groups and Annthrasite is having rebake issues. [Last seen she was all grey with prim hair.]

However, while wandering around, Lludmila found this really nice texture change mesh dress as a My 60L Secret offer at JK Style. It comes with the long strand of pearls that go down the back.

Six outfits for 60L!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Letting You In On the d.l.s.

The Citrus Blues outfit (butterflies not included - just something else Annthrasite is loath to give up) is available for 100L all through March from dirty.little.secret at The Kollective. This is the whole dress and shoes, and mighty cute it is. Annthrasite can just feel spring right around the corner.

New: Stark - halter minidress.

There is both newness and everything else for 10L at dirty.little secret at The Jersey Shore until midnight Sunday! Get your pixel-buns in gear and get over there! It's also a great chance to pick up some past goodies ... casual fashion for men and women as well as furnishings. 

New: Golden Oldies - spring outfit: top, jeans, and flats (oh! how we love flats!).

Other things: boots from Lindy's - be sure to check out all the hunts going on there!
                    hair, upper photo from Amacci, lower two group gifts from little bones.
                    butterflies from the "Inevitability of Fate" art installation.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Princess Oddities Is Closing

Sexy Hunt gift, Happily Ever After Hunt gift, freebie, vintage sale dress.

Princess Oddities is closing their in-world shop. In the meantime, sales! Most merchandise is reduced to 50L, old merchandise is 1L, and former hunt prizes are free. Be sure to try the demos. They also have a new freebie out front. They will be keeping the Marketplace shop.

VMH hunt prize, sale long dress with bow.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's February Hunt Time!

TCJVH double hunt gifts, Valentine dress and Love Tree.

... at Sweet Revolutions & Independent Objects. Among the gazebos are a couple of cute dresses.

A Gothic Romance Female Hunt Prize.

Now, Annthrasite is all nice and organized, but Not Lludmila. We'll try to remember which hunt these are from. The mesh dress gifts come with the matching boots. The prizes cost 1L.

And for equal time, the I Hate You hunt prize:
The Hate Tree.