Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Appropriately Named Shop

P'tt'n onneh Riiiiiitz!

You won't see little Lludmila in these, but Kathy was brave enough to put these on and recommended them to a trashier friend who was so thrilled she joined the group at Ho Wear and actually bought an outfit.  These free outfits from the Ho Wear Halloween shop are just the ticket for the inevitable holiday parties.  Some come with shapes and skins (and some boffo hair!), but, as you can see, you don't have to wear the provided shapes and skins to look good.  You can look like yourself ... only deadlier

Also in the Halloween shop are some inexpensive items, such as that great Frankenstein in formal dress (Cal added the neck bolt because he just can't leave well enough alone).

Not bad, just pixelated that way.
More from Ho Wear.

Also going on is the Creative Angels Hunt (where you pick up a HUD here first - free) and here are some samples from two of our favorite places, Tristan from Suki's Silks and a very colorful fairy from Paris Metro's satellite store.  The HUD has the landmarks for all the shops so you don't have to open anything to get to the next shop or do them in order.

Boots and sword not included, fairy's hair from Ho Wear.

Ho Wear Halloween freebies and cheapies.
Creative Angels Hunt for all things fey.
Orange heels (that also turn black) from the Pumpkin Prints hunt at Isis - plenty of hunts going on and good subscribo gifts.

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