Saturday, December 22, 2012

Unslutty at Ho Wear

Fabulous gown and hair from Ho Wear.

More great purple.

Outrageously fabulous kimono.

We thought we'd joined the Ho Wear group back in October when we were blown away by the freebies.  Then we never heard anything.  So we went back to check - and they've put out 21 gifts for Christmas!  OMG!  The outfits range from sexy to goth to goth sexy to normal to costume ... some that come with skin, shape, eyes - pretty much everything except footwear.  The kimono is the only gift that came with shoes, in the form of geta.
The presents aren't hidden or small - but they are all over the shop and its extensions.  There is something there for everyone, even those of us who stick with unslutty!

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