Sunday, January 6, 2013

[dls] for Acid Lily Gallery

The detail! Oh, the detail!

Starting Monday (7 January) [dirty.little.secret] will have these really sweet fleur de lis flats for sale at Acid Lily Fashion Gallery, one of those venues where the items change weekly and nothing is over 70L.

Flats are Lludmila's favorite footwear.  She's stuck in the early 60s somewhere thinking that pegged pantlegs and flats are the height of fashion.  So, normally she'd go for these flats anyway - but they are so cute!  And they probably aren't coming off for a while.  We've spent far to much time zooming in on the details of the "stitchwork" and even on the soles.  Oh, and do not adjust your settings - Lludmila's skin really is that shade of green.

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