Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clothing Bonanza!

Tiffany coat and Jade in blue.

The Alb/LAMU group received a lonnnng notecard today. They were featuring some St. Patrick's Day green, but also reminding us of the treasure trove of group gifts available. There are two free coats on the wall here - one of them marked as a demo and the other as a group gift. The Jade ensemble, which can be worn as a dress or catsuit, comes with necklace, bracelets, a ring, and shoes. The free one in blue is behind you when you land here. The tattoo is a floral vine that can be worn in pieces.

A taste of the tattoo that comes with Jade.

The notecard also reminds us of ShuShu, a shop in Alb Town near the Alb discount area. Ooooo, discounts! Anyway, the demos at ShuShu double as group gifts. There's more upstairs, too. Just a suggestion, but if you want to be unslutty, I recommend making your own panties for some of the mesh outfits. The designers just don't seem to think of it.

Demos/group gifts from ShuShu.

Check out Virtually Happy blog for the non-clothing Alb group gifts.

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