Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brain Circuit Returns!

"What tail?"

There's another week or so left in the Easter Parade Hat Hunt, which is a good excuse to revisit Brain Circuit Inc and see the great period clothing for men and women Olivia Winterwolf has on display. There are still freebie outfits for men and women and this vintage Easter confection (with and without the bow on the back) - a tophat with rabbit ears as the hunt prize.  There is a tail included to make a toot onsomblah.

Welcome back, Brain Circuit Inc!

Kathy here is also tarted up with some lip gloss and eyeshadow from [mock] available for 50L at The Retreat. Putting that over Aeva's Halo skin is gilding the lily, but the make-ups, which are semi-opaque washes intended to enhance your skins, are really very nice.



Hair is Mrs. Mittens (kitten removed) by Clawtooth.
Don't ask about those earrings - they're so old, they blinged. Kathy really should clear out her inventory. What's that? ... Oh, she says she likes those and "/bling off" works. Whatevs.

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