Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cute Summer Look

Other colors of the dress, sandals available also on 60L sale.

This weekend Piece of Mind Designs offers a cute peach floral summer dress ensemble for 60L weekend.  It's worth it just for the sandals.

The accessories include sunglasses and some extra make-up (eye shadow or eye shadow and lips).

Butterflies from a visit to the Two Fish art installation ... 
and Annthrasite refuses to take them off.She even bought this dress from Black Haus White Market to go with them.

Hair is from the latest Analog Dog freeball.
Signs of Spring butterfly dress from Black Haus - White Market (no longer on sale), painful-looking Buffy sandals (black patent leather version no longer available*) from Lindy.
Marilyn Monroe pose (free!) from the Unslutty and Undead marketplace shop (see link at right).

* I feel guilty about showing shoes that are not only no longer on sale, but were a one-time offer. So here's what Lindy has right now in the hunts:

Left: pink wedges and Right: v v colorful flats

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