Saturday, February 1, 2014

Through a Prism

The hunt haul from Prism.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have the memory of a cat with ADHD. I think I've finally found a brilliant way to keep track of hunt prizes ... at least when they come from Prism, who are kind enough to include the name of the hunt on the box that the prize is in. Each outfit is photographed with the box that has the hunt name on it, so you will know what you're getting before clicking on it. All the hunts were free.

Annthrasite had only dropped in for the new group gift, and saw all the posters outside for the hunts. This often leads to a Nervous Breakdown.

The Frozen Flowers Hunt and Yes I Am A Dancer Hunt prizes contained mesh items (the jeans and the skirt, respectively). They were also my favorites.

The shoes are that same pair of Baby Monkey platform pumps, which were color change and came in about 20 colors. This is really handy when taking photos for the blog. 

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