Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pas de Blah

LIKE Design Zein dress -
could use some panties!

Cuoricini parure from WTB and
necklace from KL Couture

Sweet Treats short dresses in Sherbet, Cotton Candy,
and Pistachio from JK Style

There are some freebie/dollarbie gifts at the LIKE Sales Room at OH! LIKE blah.BLAH.blahh Shopping Village. There was also a group gift nearby, but poor Lludmila is maxed out on groups and Annthrasite is having rebake issues. [Last seen she was all grey with prim hair.]

However, while wandering around, Lludmila found this really nice texture change mesh dress as a My 60L Secret offer at JK Style. It comes with the long strand of pearls that go down the back.

Six outfits for 60L!

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