Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From The Dressing Room


We like to check out the notecards from The Dressing Room just to see what's on offer.  This outfit was only 70L and totally worth it.  I think the color first attracted me.  Beats me what I see in these mustard-y colors (LG Femme called it "sherbet" - not sure what sherbet they're talkin' about), but they draw my eye every time.  I can't wear that color in RL(tm), because it would only magnify how sallow I am.  This is so classic!  It's tailored; it's feminine ... Kathy is ready for a job interview or a ladies' luncheon.  Here's to the ladies that lunch!

I've paired it with those Baby Monkey Outlet color-change ("gold") slingbacks that were only 50L.
The hair is v v old, from Rock Candy and called Happy Cuddly Hair - used to be a favorite of mine but I'd forgotten all about it.
Skin is from Heartsick - Enchant: Illusion: Onyx (or, as I fondly call it, Raccoon Eyes).

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