Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I Bluuuuuue?

Lucky Board skin from Mother Goose

There are six lucky boards at the Mother Goose satellite shop at SGBs Mall and they max at three minutes.  It didn't take Kathy any time at all to win this skin (that also comes with a "toothy" version).  The shop is on the east side and many other interesting shops are there, although you don't have much time to investigate them if you only have three minutes before whatever you're waiting for (skins, I think some socks) has its letter change.

This week's group gift from TWA
I love the blue-green end of the spectrum and so this is the dress for me from The White Armory.  I could watch those prim pieces float around all day long.

Where's that darn photostand?!
!SyDs! has some cute poses in The Cafe Hunt, but beware the decoy coffee cups!  That's just so evil!  I was going to put the new poses into my photostand, which was caught up in the middle of this skirt I didn't want to take off, so I cammed underneath to see if I could catch a corner of it.  Why didn't you use the command channel? you may well ask.  Well, okay, I've forgotten which channel it is.  And in order to remind me I have to find the photostand.  And I can't highlight transparent, because that turns the skirt prims all red, too.  But I really liked the image from under the skirt, so I'm sharing it with you.  Don't ever say I've never shared.  [Say, this would make a nice desktop image!]

Picture my cat took while I was sorting socks.
Sunday means more than just TWA group freebie.  It also means Laundry Day for us heathens.  TWA takes a while to rez, so I thought I'd nip into place and then run off and pair up the clean socks in the meantime.  While I was away, my cat, who has a cat bed right next to my keyboard to keep her from breaking another printer (keeping her off the desk seems not to be an option), strolled across the desk and sat or stepped on something and when I came back, she had, well, taken a pretty good picture!  And I thought I'd share that with you as well.

Hair, by the way, is Mrs. Mittens by Clawtooth. Sorry I caught it with the kitten's eyes closed. Forgot all about her.

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  1. And he said unto them, What woman shall there be among you, that shall have one sock, and if it fall into a washer.will she not on the Sabbath day, hold on it, and lift it out?