Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moomoo? You Heard Right!

MooMoo Pajama Onesie

Free Black Dress

I lost my duckie.  Actually, I hadn't lost it, but I thought I'd turned it loose in my house and couldn't find it (and didn't remember what it was called so I couldn't search for it).  So I went back to the Kobe Harbor Information and Pink Lemonade area to see if I could find the vendor again.

Boy, am I glad I did!  I found this adorable Holstein cow onesie and this really nice black dress (that can be worn with the full skirt or the tight) that are free!  The bow on the dress is color change!  I was so happy, I actually bought this tiny kitten avatar:

This will go with the even tinier bunny av from the same area that was free!

And what else did I find free while I was there?  This Room of Light and Shadow!  Wander around Kobe Harbor!

For when Lludmila wants to act all depressed!

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