Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekend Haul

"Shh! Just between you and me ..."
 Paris Metro has a gown for those who just drop by Santorini ... and, while you're there, vote for the location. It took a while for the gown kiosk to show up, but it was worth it: our end of the color spectrum and the lovely frill around the top. Both our faves!

Tempus F-f-f-fugit.
 Time sure flies when you're on the You Go To My Head Hunt.  Look for the little straw hat at BrainCircuit Inc. to get the steampunk tophat with the spinning clock hand!

Incan somethingorother

This week's group gift from The White Armory is a fantasy in white.  Lludmila wishes she had occasions to wear these gowns, but we're content to do the adult Barbie thing and just gaze at the details, adjust the prims, take photos, and sigh.

Looks like a white peacock, dunnit?

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