Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ms. Ellen E. Uss

BlakOpal Hers 'n' His.
 BlakOpal has new freebies for men and women. There are several ways of wearing the outfits, but they all involve those wide stripes.  The ladies' outfit has a miniskirt option. (Boots and hat not included.)

We're big followers of the Virtual Vagabond blog, which I highly recommend, and while hounding another freebie off the Marketplace, we often take the time to see what else is in the online version of a given store.  So, while we went to SZYM Motors to pick up this free car (that looks like one of the original Volkswagens) ...

Note space available for rent in Awen next to quiet zombie.

... we found this perfect accessory for nighttime marauding - for free!

NTBI Flashlight with policeman's hold anim.
Okay, okay, I'm getting side-tracked by non-wearables and this blog is nominally about fashion.  I'll continue with the vehicular fun at my other blog: Virtually Happy.

What's that strange buzzing sound?
Once sucked into the vortex that is the Marketplace, we start noodling around for more freebies and that's how we found this amazing Dragonfly avatar at Avalon.  Although not "actual size" it is small.  It was a big hit at the last dance Lludmila attended.  Good gravy, you'd think she showed up nude or something.  Of course, it did take a while for the av to be seen.  It flies, it hovers, it flaps its wings, and it will buzz if you want it to.

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