Sunday, June 10, 2012

Medieval Faire

Dragonslayer Kathy to the rescue!

There's nothing better than a great pair of boots.

Arrrrre ye ready for some RP?

"Say that again, Prince Charming!"

Dragonslayer outfit from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt at Mystic Hope
CV Bay horsie western style (named Major) - so not free it's horrifying, but totally worthwhile.
Chloe "Without You" Skin, group gift from Heartsick (Close up you can see the tear streaks)
Fab ArmyBoots, MFH, May's Soul
Totally excellent Lady Pirate ensemble, MFH, Dazzled by Dreams
Fryda in Blue, MFH, at NaLa (By the way, whutup with NaLa?! Ev'rything in the shop is only 60L?!  If my inventory weren't already out of control ...)
Katana and anim from Moonworks - Lucky Letter board

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