Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Never-Ending Hunt Post

Deb Irridescent gown in garnet (note stockings that come with).

Annemie print dress and Vanessa bikini, both mesh items from LivGlam.

Jessica skin from Style by Kira.

The Here Comes Summer Hunt at Flawless has little strawberries and specials on the carts. The link takes you to the front of Lindy's where you can drool at the shoes on the cart and more weekend specials inside as well as hunt prize for the latest edition of the Silk Road.
The print dress from LivGlam is one of those that comes with a dress HUD. You wear that, click on it, and it gives you the dress in all its sizes in a folder. When you're done, you just delete that folder because you can always get it from the HUD - which cuts down on inventory. Brilliant! It's one thing if you are the same shape all the time, but if you have many shapes for different occasions, say, if you blog about fashion all the time,  it becomes extra-special handy. Many thanks!

Very very colorful installation at Paris Metro Gallery.

Paris Metro: Fuschia Fashion! Skin from NVious by GG at the Flawless Hunt.

Fuschia has another multi-media installation at the Paris Metro art gallery - and there is yet another dress. This one can be worn as the separate mesh mini-dress or with the skirt, clutch, and hat.

Rag Dollz: Medieval Fantasy Hunt outfits for Him and Her.

Such fun! Period zombie clothes, too!

Rag Dollz is going to give me a nervous breakdown some day. All of my avatars traipsed through that shop today (saying hello to the greeter each time in a different way) collecting hunt gifts. There's the Silk Road Hunt, the Medieval Fantasy Hunt, and the third one wasn't even advertised! I don't know if it's an old one that someone forgot to tidy away, but it has period zombie gear in it. Look in the costume area for a lumpy thing that might be a brain or it might be a small coil of rope. I couldn't tell.

Brain Circuit: Ancient Silk Merchant (female version similar).

And then swing by Brain Circuit Inc. for some Silk Road. And then hit the Midnight Mania board, etc.

Now, let me mention that this might seem like a lot of work just to collect some goodies. Well, you don't know the half of it. Imagine having to unload all these boxes, wear the stuff, adjust it, photo it, edit the photos (some light photoshopping is done just to touch up small areas that I didn't notice in time weren't quite right, such as the prim feet in the bikini shot), get all the info (which often entails going back to the source, because I'm not all that organized), and then put it all in a post. This can (and did) take all day (taking out time for meals, of course).

It's all worthwhile if it gives you the heads up on something you absolutely can't live without. (Oh, do hurry to Rag Dollz and get the Sad Fate of Sophie Longbottom outfit and pair it up with some ghastly skin! It will make you giggle!) I only do this because I love the novelty and creativity and I just have to share.

Anyone can tell you that I hate to pay for anything, but usually find something at the shops during hunts or while scouting out freebies and will pay actual real virtual currency for it. And I will sometimes leave a tip if the shop owner was smart enough to leave out a tipjar.

If you are a shop-owner, two things:
     1. Hardly anybody ever reads these posts so hand over freebies at your own risk.
     2. Put out a tipjar, for heavenssake! Some of us don't have a lot of money but we'd like to show our appreciation.

Styling Credits:

What?! Are you kidding?! Get outta town! Ummm, skins not mentioned are either from Aeva or somewhere else. Platform heels are colorchange ones from Baby Monkey. Hair is from all over the map, but Analog Dog is very generous with the freeballs and Truth sends out great group/sub gifts. The Bride of Frankie pose on poor Sophie is from my marketplace shop (see the link at right). For other locations, aw, use your search button! That's what it's for!

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