Saturday, June 22, 2013

Am I Blue?

Jilly with prim feet & flipflops.

Remember those fabulous flip-flops from a previous post? Ann found the perfect sundress to go with them. She's all ready for Caneel Bay in this group gift from Leri Mills Designs at Acid Lily Gallery.

Evolution dress in jade.

For those of you green with envy - there's more. There was another group gift available (must be another one of those happy accidents) at Acid Lily Gallery, this time a green cocktail dress from even.flow.  The Acid Lily Gallery is free to join and if you pay attention, you can get some great gifts!

Luckily, Ann has some color change heels from Es Styles that will go with almost anything.
Hair: Former subscribo gift from Truth.
Skin: Jaci, Autumn Kiss from Aeva. Gosh! This may actually have been paid for! But I bet it was on sale, if I know Ann.
Eyes: Clear Pond, former freebie from Poetic Colors - I think he has a new one out, but these go with the dress, now don't they?

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