Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh BOY, Canada!

It's too late to show your colors for Canada Day this year, but it couldn't hurt to prepare for the next! These shoes are free in the O Canada themed hunt at Lindy's. Look for the teeny Canadian flag! In the meantime, they'll go with any red or red/white outfit!

Also, Lindy's is preparing to move, so be sure to collect the new slurl.

Annthrasite got these amazing boots at Ho Wear that were available at an amazing bargain for one day only. As of today, there are some stilettos for 25L, but these really amazing sales are only available for one day at a time. This means Annthrasite has to log on every day and drop in to check what's up that's also amazing. Or she could just check the blog ...
The boots are still available, but they, and their USA counterpart, now cost 125L. At least you can wear the USA boots on Thursday.

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  1. I can't see the teeny Canadian flag, it's too teeny.