Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm Not Complaining

In a previous post I mentioned that Isis Boutique can stop handing out free (or incredibly cheap) ballet shoes now. That only means Lludmila has enough of them. Maybe. These pink slippers with the pink legwarmers are from the Spring Hunt. They're brilliant - full stop. Thanks, Isis Boutique. Oh, and Lludmila loved the white ones with the little wings! Very cute! Keeping those, too.

Ballet shoes with legwarmers or wings: Isis Boutique
Ballet animations from MyAnimation (not free)
Pink dress - who knows
Droolalicious rustic cabin from Trompe Loeil at last month's Collabor88 - It was only 288L. Lludmila had to have it. Om only knows what fresh tortures they'll put out this month. sigh.

Everyone needs these ... if only we could remember which hunt ...
Oh wait - of course! The When Pigs Fly Hunt! 10L, but great!

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