Saturday, August 24, 2013

In the Group Loop

Mermaid outfit comes with Mer-AO in case you don't already have one.

AnaLee Balut at ALB Dream Fashion has put out fresh group gifts - one for the mermaid in you and the other ...

This full outfit is available for men -
earrings and all.

... for the more colorful masculine in you? The Lamu Group is free to join. [Men's suit here.]

Vero Modero announced a fresh round of group gifts, but their old ones are still available. The pink poppy dress is last month's.

This is such a pretty little dress - with or without the shoulder flowers.

This cool colors triangle dress with feather hair accessory might work for any 60s parties coming up in your future.

Annthrasite looks all cross for being put in a yet another dress.

The Vero Modero group is also free to join and they have gifts for men as well as women. Why Annthrasite didn't want the men's gift is anyone's guess.

I don't want to get preachy ... but I will anyway. Lludmila doesn't join groups for just the gift (okay, maybe the first time she was lured in by the gift). She sticks with her groups, even though she capped out at 42. After all, if they offer one gift, maybe they will offer another some day! Or maybe she wants to get notices of new items and sales because she liked the gift and the merchandise in the shop. We know that there are some avatars out there who jump on and off groups like fleas. Stick with your group for a while and see if the information you get is worthwhile. Lludmila did leave a group just this week because the group chat (which she had turned off but was still pouring in) was driving her nuts. [Ev'ryday, ev'rygoshdarnday someone would post something in group chat and the next thing you knew, ev'ryone was responding.] But that was an exception. Other groups might be left because she never heard anything from them. You just can't please some avs.

Okay, the particulars:

Truth - short hair (subscriber gift)
Analog Dog freeball - long curly hair
Aeva - Faith in shade 2 (sale skin) and Devotion Redux shade 2 (group* gift skin)
Yogi's Shoes - feet with pink sandals - Shop seems to be missing. Check back later.
J's MainShop - those fab feet with flip-flops Annthrasite can't get enough of (group gift)

*But you have to go to the shop to click the sign.

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