Sunday, August 18, 2013

What a Trip!

Tie-dye denim romper by Catastrophe Designs
Ev'ryone's got that tie-dye texture somewhere.
Lava Lamp one of many items from Potpourri Designs.
Chest an old acquisition from Shay's.

For those of you who did not actually live through the 60s and 70s, what a party you missed! Riots, bomb-scares, protests,  dirty long hair - you name it. And yes, I remember it, because I wasn't doing drugs. I did not go to Woodstock - my mom wouldn't even let me go to a local outdoor rock concert because she'd "heard what went on." And I was one of those kids who listened to Mom. There you go - I've said it.

The only scanned picture from that time I currently have of myself (full body anyway) is in fencing regalia [see below]. This is because my dad favored slides over prints, so there are virtually (if you'll pardon the adverb) no family photos of me from age 8 onward. The 50s, yes - and when I finally got my own camera in the 80s, but no 60s or 70s. I have to go on memory alone, which means I can pretend I didn't make any of those hilarious fashion errors with the gaudy prints, bell bottoms, and granny glasses that come back to haunt others. And you can't prove it. Ha ha!

Now, there's a Woodstock Hunt going on - relive the 60s! The last thing Lludmila needs is more clothes, but there happens to be a big 60s party coming up at the end of the month and while she managed to put together two pretty good "costumes" out of what she already had, she thought it couldn't hurt to see if there was anything good out there. Well, there was. These are just a few.

Starting at top left: Masoom, Ruby, K2K, Roots & Wings Gallery.
Bottom left: Grumble, Telsiope, ToXiC HiGh, Cupcake Clothing
By the way, a couple of these came with shoes, but that's just wrong. And besides, Lludmila doesn't have time to keep changing shoes or looking for ones that go with the outfits, so no shoes are shown. Take it from me, in Kentucky in the 60s, there were no shoes. That might have been just Kentucky, but ...

The Lowdown:

Catastrophe Designs - Isn't particularly authentic, but I really loved this romper.
Potpourri Designs - lava lamp. I love lava lamps. I actually own one. Also included are some beanbag chairs, a rug, a peace sign - fun things!
Masoom - I hope you can see the lacing in back.
Ruby - came with fringed boots and those glasses that now enable Lludmila to see SL in 3-D.
K2K - came with some black maryjanes that were nice enough but really loved the cute little dress. I'll have to go back because they have some really funny stuff too.
Roots & Wings Gallery - oh yes, remember that crinkly Indian cotton fabric?
Grumble - just so darn cute and worth the headache of finding it.
Telsiope - I'm trippin' on these colors, man.
ToXiC HiGh - Lludmila wasn't sure she'd like the prize, it not being "her sort of shop," but she only had to put it on before she started having flashbacks, man. Embroidered jeans came with.
Cupcake Clothing - I had a very similar skirt, but the pattern was teensy. I loved that skirt.

The hunt starts here at Wasteland, but have patience. Some shops have dropped the hunt, one hint board told Lludmila to wait until August 15 (it was the 18th). The hints are here - use your fair weather friend "search" when all else fails.

And now, what Lludmila put together from what she already had:

Mustn't forget the light lipstick fad. Hair should be
slightly messy for hippie, as opposed to Carnaby Street or that
Villager craze and Bass Weejuns.

Lludmila cheated by getting those boots yesterday off the Marketplace. They were free from AnaLee Balut. She calls these demos "wearable" because they don't have the telltale prims announcing that or a blank texture. She's extraordinarily generous with demos and group gifts and her clothes are unusual - different from the usual fare. Visit the sim, too, and find yourself back in the Kasbah.

And in the interest of full disclosure:

1950s (I'm the one on that poor, scrawny pony)

Late 1960s

1980s - OMG, is that a mesh tennis dress?
I clearly needed an alpha for that.

Hmmm, these seem to be giving the false impression that I'm some sort of athlete. Nothing, nothing could be further from the truth.

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