Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hot Darn!

New favorite outfit!

It's the Pre-Release of the Winter Gatcha Garden, and dirty.little.secret has this great vintage jacket for 25L a play in six styles, one of them rare. Pictured is the Red Flourish. The event runs from December 7 through January 3.

Blue jeans and boots from Piece of Mind (downstairs from Black Haus White Market)
Hair from A&A at that Rag Dollz* Christmas Village freebie spree.

Annthrasite, you're not a blonde! You're a a redhead with occasional forays into dark brown. "Whatcher point?" I know I'm not going to get her out of that jacket thing for a while. She may also wrestle me for the hair. "You can have this outfit when you wrest it from my cold, dead pixels."

I've apparently created a monster.

*Click the Christmas Village poster at Rag Dollz.

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