Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ho Ho HoWear

Yeah, it's not original, but it's too perfect to pass up. HoWear is having their Christmas Hunt for the next few days: 20 free items! Also in on the hunt are the other shops in the area, such as DUCE. Annthrasite could only try on so much stuff without having a nervous breakdown ... so here's all she could stand to post:

Blaze of Glory in pink.
Boots, an old hunt gift from Bee Make

Showgirl in blue.
Ultimate Suzi shoes from Baby Monkey.

Single n Sassy.

Lady Justice.
Tall black mesh boots by dirty.little.secret.

Key West Bikini.
Color change Princess sandals by Shoenique Designs.

Defiance II - love the wings!
Platform color change pumps by Baby Monkey.

Dark Encounters in pink ... very floaty!

"Don't give away box locations!" Riiiight. Like they're hard to
find. They're large and just ... just lying around.  HoWear box on
the left, DUCE on the right. Go crazy!

All outfits by HoWear
Ultimate Suzi sandals and color change platform pumps by Baby Monkey
Color change cork wedge sandals by Shoenique Designs
Tall black mesh boots by dirty.little.secret

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