Saturday, January 4, 2014

Am I ... Are We In a Rut?

Consistency or rut? Dang, that coat is sooo Cruella deVille!

Annthrasite made yet another trip to Black Haus White Market to see what was new. The owner, Jewelia Blessed caught her and told her she was probably the longest customer. Not sure if that's longest amount of time or the longest list of outfits from BHWM and Piece of Mind in inventory.

We've gone on and on about BHWM and its sister store downstairs before, but there are plenty of reasons. First of all, we just love black and white: zebra, holstein, dalmatian, and pony patterns. Then there's the weekly bargains. If it's not Secret Weddlesday or Insane Thursday, it's Nervous Breakdown Weekend where one can pick up full outfits, including shoes and other accessories, for 60L or less. If there's one thing we really love besides black and white ... it's a bargain! We can't recommend this shop too highly!

So, despite the possible over-abundance of black and white in her wardrobe, Annthrasite will continue to haunt BHWM ... especially on sale days! Rut-shmut! It's Loyalty! And it's been well-earned.

Even Kathy and Lludmila ... Lludmila thinks black makes her
look thinner. Don't tell her it could be the alpha.

Black Haus White Market

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