Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Only Tweed You'll Ever Need

Well, maybe just one more tweed outfit ...
This full outfit of off-the-shoulder black tweed top and pants with bootlets from Black Haus White Market is still 60L for Nervous Breakdown Weekends ... or whatever it's called. There are more sales for Widdling Wednesday and probably a Thrombosis Thursday offering up as well. If black and white ain't your thing, check the shop downstairs for more sales and more color.

If any designers are listening, we here at Unslutty and Undead love the off-the-shoulder look. Really, really love it. And we hate-hate-hate the one shoulder thingie. Less of that, please. Oh, there are exceptions. Someone once actually overcame my abhorrence for wedges ... but only once, for one particular pair. So, this is the skinny: off shoulder, good - one shoulder and wedges, baaad. As if you care what we think.

Tweed suit and boots from BHWM.
Hair, group gift from little bones (see previous post).
Skin, old hunt prize, possibly from Double Divas, but I don't see it there now.

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