Sunday, September 28, 2014

Find the Kitty! Kiyomizu Fall Hunt

Cute maid's dress from Aya ... and fun typing anim.

It's that time of year again, time to stagger around the whole Kiyomizu Shopping Island looking for the cats with all the goodies inside. Sometimes you visit the main store (as in the case of Aya above) where you can also buy some cute stuff - like the pink or blue marker and eraser typing animation.

Lludmila relaxes in toh-ryan-se white mesh jumpsuit
on the modern asian low table (no anim) from ::DiY::.

Men's casual capri pants from ::*Ran*::
and Jackson V Love guitar (with animation HUD) from Witch Babe.

Black and white plaid short dress from :SMC:
and screen (that opens and closes) from the Geisha Store.

Fully mod photo frames (li 1) that uses a simple drag-and-drop
function to add pictures from [satus inc].
I was able to resize the whole thing and then tint the individual frames.

Other things: Heels from Nardcotix and sandals from +9, which no longer exist, as far as I can tell. :(

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