Friday, October 3, 2014

Say "Boo!"

Lumae group gift skin: Lady Death.

little bone group gift: feline (comes in all colors)

Timely group gifts from Lumae and little bone, Halloween skin and hair. Well, maybe the hair wasn't meant to be spooky - but it goes great with the outfit for some cute trick or treating at the Zombie Bayou hunt. There is also a Dark Chapel hair group gift at little bone in pastels. Both hairs come with additional streak colors and scalp colors for the part! Not sure if that will work on actual zombies, like Lludmila.

Eyes: Fallen Eyes from Style Box (which may no longer exist - check your inventory to see if you picked it up)
Dress and bat tights: G Field 2012 Halloween gift, no longer available [Update! It is available again and FREE! Hurry on down!], which is a shame because it is just adorable and fits all shapes I've put it on beautifully. Always try a demo, but I have a lot of faith in G Field's wares. Oh, just look at the texture on it! Gorgeous!

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