Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keep It Clean

Slut originally referred to a dirty, slovenly woman and so, to prove she isn't even that kind of slut, Lludmila set out to do her laundry.  Sunday seems to be a big day at the laundromat and she would have to get behind someone who doesn't know what he's doing.  Don't put that in with the whites, Cal!

Laundry freebies from RC Clusters.
(Helper not included. Just as well as he doesn't seem to understand presorting.)

Gardening freebies from RC Clusters. (Kibbitzer not included.)

 Check out the freebies at RC Clusters and then explore the rest of The Nest sim.  There are some free poses at Olive Juice in emaciated and curvy styles.  Those curvy ones are just the thing if you are broad in the beam or are wearing those system skirts that make your bottom look enormous.

Keep Smilin' Gift Pack of poses - note curvy and "normal" version at right.

The rest of The Nest sim has an Easter Egg Hunt with gifts large and small: perfect for sprucing up your home ... or just providing a whole new one.  This means all new furniture, too.  Sigh, an avatar's work is never done.

Juniper House from Kukuvaya in the Easter Egg Hunt at the  Nest.

Lludmila likes to check out the shops to see what is interesting and found some happy things.  Clutter's desk is loaded with animations that produce the relevant objects instantly without having to pull them out of the inventory.

Not free - Clutter's desk with varied animations.
Lludmila spent so much time playing on Sway's day bed that she almost missed the basket of eggs.  The day bed also rezzes objects automatically as each pose is chosen.  Lludmila's favorites were waking up with the alarm clock (which rings briefly) and searching under the sofa.  Maybe if she has enough lindens next week (and doesn't spend all her stipend on 60L Weekend items), she'll buy it.  If not, we still have the photos.

Not free - Sway's day bed with super cute poses.

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