Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitten Gacha

M*Motion cardie Outfit from the lucky boards, kitten from the gacha.

Sure, I sent Lludmila to the CDT First Anniversary Event* to see what the freebies, lucky boards (and one lucky drum) had to offer, but what really got me was the kitten gacha.  Lludmila walked around and around for absolute ages waiting for Ls to come up and each time she passed the +NK+ kitten gacha, it just called to her like a siren ... like her RL(tm) cat does every night after we've all gone to bed and even though she had just been there and seen us getting into bed she cries like she's been abandoned.  Where was I?

Manages to stay on without using its claws.

It doesn't do anything. It just sleeps on top of your head.  It's Lludmila's new fashion accessory and worth every one of the 30L.
The lucky boards all all over and they have all sorts of things: outfits, hair, skin, nails, boots, handbag - plus things for sale ... and the kitten gacha!  Below is the handbag Lludmila won.  We don't usually keep the handbags.  Everything fits so nicely in folders in one's inventory - why carry a bag?  This one had two books in it, though.

: ) BCC. Dorothy vintage flower bag with books!

Sakura parfait & cake freebie from Poche.
*RibboN* Leopard dress.

!1mm***   Engineer boots too skinny for Lludmila's calves.

The newest edition of The Dressing Room is up.  There were a couple of goodies Lludmila just had to have. We avoid clothing now.  It's quite a struggle to keep the inventory below 41,000.  (Getting rid of all the White Armory group gifts would put a dent in that - but, I mean, really!)  New *YS&YS* Berefeet 2.0 prim feet, though - that's worth the 70L!  They're copiable and the HUD adjusts size, skin and nail color, and toe ring and bangle options.  Lludmila went for no bangles and I think she did a good job matching her zombie skin.

Plenty of instructions on matching skin color, but we eyeball and do fine.

Also available at TDR are some nice make-ups for lips and eyes for 55L from Fishy Strawberry.  Phew, Llizila Taylor and Sophmila Lloren could have used some of the dark red lips a couple of weeks ago.  

Yes, that's 24 lip colors!

Some nice spring pink lips on a wide, wide mouth.

Lludmila turns her back on her garden for one minute and
returns to find dandelions have taken over.

*CDT First Anniversary Event - There's a further tp to take from this spot. The *.amato.* tanpopo dandelions can be found there as well for 1L.

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