Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lollygagging About

Free prison garb, dirty hands, guitar.

While visiting one sim for a freebie, Kathy ran across a raft of them.  There's a freebie shop there with a wide selection of freebies offered (as well as a box for cowering in the event of a sim crash).  It's always worth wandering around a shop or a sim because you never know what gems you will find.

A bit of Whimsy.
 Also in the same sim was a hat shop called Whimsy with the most elaborate toppers.  There is also a free Thanksgiving themed headband.

And if you see a tip jar/hat about ...

Try to show your appreciation for any bargains or freebies you find.  Shop owners: be sure to put out a tip jar.  Kathy remembers being poor and homeless and appreciates all the freebies she's collected over the years.  Now that she has the stipend, she likes to show her gratitude.

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