Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well, THIS Isn't Going to Help!

Lotus bikinis for 1L

Lludmila always complains about the size of her inventory and so she might possibly collect some freebies, photograph them, and then delete them.  So, she thought she'd pick up this box of Lotus bikinis dollarbie* and maybe keep one of them.  After all, she loves purple, black goes with everything, oh the peacock is nice, but red just isn't her - oh, that's nice too, well at least the orange will be - oh.  In the end she only discarded the white one.  These bikinis get the Unslutty and Undead Seal of Approval for coverage.  No buttcrack, no pubes.  So much for keeping the inventory under 42K.

Yellow lion, butterfly net, red panda tiny av

Not far away are more free freebies (ha ha ha!): a red or a yellow lion costume (be sure to wear clothes underneath, but you might lose an attachment or two), a butterfly net that emits butterflies after you click on the ground, and this really, really cute red panda av.

Red panda here and yellow lion at the nearby temple.
Butterfly net here as well as a ton of other stuff that's free as well as some great musical instruments (including a Theramin!) that aren't free, but don't you need them anyway?

*More on this fair in a cross-posting.

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