Sunday, November 11, 2012

Womenstuff and Otherstuff

Womenstuff Hunt consists of 200 shops and a 50L group joiner fee.  The list of shops and their hints is here. Apparently, there will be two sets of gifts and the first set is out now.  Below are some of the gifts from this hunt as well as some other stuff.  I mean, you're in the shop anyway - might as well do all the hunts there, right?

Two dances from Aveyo and Humanoid.

Aveyo and Humanoid both provide dances in the hunt, but if you click on the Aveyo and rez in front of Humanoid, just turn around. Aveyo is behind you.  The Humanoid location is a different one from the one in front of you, so a confused person might spend a whole half hour or more looking around that one to no avail ... ohwhattagiveaway.

Dress from Shiki, make-up from Croire, pants outfits from Prism (not Womenstuff). 

Taupe shoes (but they went nicely with the grey) are from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes, make-up from Croire, the two outfits from Prism were from the Gobble Gobble Hunt and Shaken Not Stirred Hunt.  The pistol actually fires - bwah-hahahahaaaa!

Rfyre, SF Designs, ChiChickie, Camilla's.

Annthrasite really loved the outfit from SF Designs and might never take it off.  Earrings and bangles are from Rfyre.  The hair is a group gift from ChiChickie and just happened to be Annthrasite's color.  Last but not least is part of the outfit available from Camilla's.  It also comes with a knit cap, blonde hair, and clunky boots.

These are just a few of the shops on the hunt and any two of these outfits would make it worth the 50L.

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